The Importance of Additional Knowledge for a Trainer

Being a trainer is more than about being an expert in the subject material of a certain area. If let’s say, you are extremely knowledgeable in the area of commerce and all of its little intricacies, then that’s good for you, as people will know who to look for if they have commerce problems. But should the people learn to open a book or search the web for information, then this trainer who only knows of commerce will lose most of his profits, as his former customers had now found a cheaper alternative. Nobody likes to lose money, least of all the trainer. So with this in mind, the trainer must have an expansive knowledge on a lot of matters. Let’s be honest. Poverty brings naught but misery and an envy that blackens the soul, especially if the said person is a trainer.

The first importance as to why additional knowledge must be sought out is the level of competence that comes with added knowledge. Competence is very valuable. Many company sought it. Many do not attain it. Competence is divided into two different realms, which is the outer and the inner. Both sides are important, as the outer influences the results wrought about by the actions you have committed, and the inner provides the drive and attitude worthy to improve upon the calibre of the self. If you know only of what you teach and nothing else, you will only be improving on your outer competence, then you will become an individual of hollow actions. Effective at certain times but once the storm comes, you flounder easily before the tempest. But if you have additional knowledge, you know not only commerce but also commercial law and governmental procedures that improve your inner competence.

With the bolstering of inner competence, you will seek out more achievements, more glory, more success to heap on your name. Not only that, you will also become much stronger. Perhaps not physically, but your inner strength will become something of a resilient fortress that weathers the tempest with nary a scratch. As a trainer, you need these two dimensions of competence. For business, and for the fact that participants looked up to you as an exemplar. So it’s best to set a good example.

The second importance is that possessing a variety of knowledge. By variety here I mean that you know more than just the primary topic of what you train. For example, this trainer (we’ll just call him Abu cause I get tired of saying trainer) is an expert on taxation. But knowing only about taxation cannot provide a thorough info on what the participant need to learn. So if Abu want to be considered a good trainer, he must know the procedures and all the sub-topics related to taxes; how does it happen, what are the effects, what are the impacts of not following the procedures, what are the managerial complexes of each taxation process, how does taxation relates to finances and business, what are the laws and regulations. Varieties. This what makes Abu a good trainer. If he knows only the main topic and nothing else, then he is no better than the sensational ‘so called’ celebrities preachers who can only spit nonsense and hope for pity from an ignorant society.

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The third importance is certification in certain fields of import. Knowledge is good, and if you are an expert on the subject or at least in possession of a substantial level of skill towards it, then you can teach it to others. Yet the problem here is not about the knowledge. It is about the recognition. If you do not have a certificate, people can counter whatever that is said by you through virtue of academic rule. And no matter how right you are, some snobbish pug will insist you are wrong because of your lack of credentials. Another matter is that when you are dealing with insufferable government officials or overly successful businessman, you will need credentials to make your point. They see no other thing except paperwork and a lot of posturing. In short, having credentials is sort of a proof that you are knowledgeable. That is its only value.

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The fourth importance is the realization of needed skills. A freelance trainer needs more knowledge that are not limited to those within the sphere of his topic. Whereas a full time trainer requires varieties of knowledge as to maintain reputation and abilities that had made one prolific in the first place. Know which one are you. Once you know in which category you belong to, then you can act on that realization, gaining skills necessary for your category. Once the proper amount of skills is earned, you can proceed to become a better and more effective trainer.

To conclude, being knowledgeable is very important for a trainer. A trainer cannot achieve the level of success that is proper for someone that imparts knowledge to others without it. Besides fulfilling that aspect, the most successful trainers has substantial knowledge of many things. Knowledge is always the key.

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Credit to: Intern Muhammad Akmal Nabil.

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