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A good training session that is conducive must have a good training room. It is an absolute necessity, as without a good training room, the training session would not run as smoothly as expected. The training will fulfil its purpose, but the difference between a successful training session and a great training session is quite a large gap, and this gap can be sufficiently filled with the training rooms that are available at Vira Klid.

Yet as in activities that pertains to influencing another’s motions of thoughts, what makes Vira Klid a viable option in comparison to others that offers the self-same service? The answer is various; of which I will elaborate further in the following paragraphs. I assure you dear reader, if not convinced, then at the very least, you will have a more favourable opinion regarding the conducive nature of Vira Klid’s services.

The first aspect that can be considered is the amount of participants that can be accommodated in the training centre itself. Do note however this is only for one session. There are two styles that are offered for those that are interested. Firstly, is the theatre style, which accommodates from the range of 30 till 40 participants, yet to clarify, only chairs are provided. Secondly, is the classroom style, which accommodates from the range of 10 till 24 participants, and in this case, chairs and tables are provided. These amount of accommodation for participants can provide a conducive training session for those that one to make a Training programme in Bangi.

The second aspect that can be considered is the pleasantry and conveniences provided by the training centre itself. Contrary to what is believed by some regarding newly found companies, Vira Klid is quite accomplished in the aspect of providing a comfortable experience. Satisfaction comes first after all when conduciveness comes to mind, let alone for a training centre in Bangi. Among the conveniences provided are an aesthetically pleasing meeting room, a resting section, a surau, hygienic toilets, and free flow drinks. As to outside the facility itself, there is a parking lot with adequate space provided, a number of restaurants in the surrounding vicinity, a nearby hotel located within walking distance, a bank located in immediate range, and also ease to take a grabcar and the facility is quite close (a short driving distance) to commuter station.

The third aspect that can be considered is the equipment that is provided by the training facility itself. Rest assured, everything is provided to ensure a conducive experience for both the participants and the trainers present. The set of equipment includes projectors, whiteboards, chairs, banquet tables, Wifi 100 Mbps, and air conditioners. All these will provide a comfortable and conducive experience for the training centre in Bangi.

The fourth aspect that can be considered is the seminar rooms. These rooms are multipurpose, meaning that they can be used for any given purpose as prescribed by the renting trainer. The purposes of these seminar rooms, which can include seminars, talks, training, meetings, workshops, and whatever occasion demands for a conducive training centre.

To conclude, the rental service of training centre in Vira Klid is worthwhile and will fulfil the purpose of the trainer that seeks to rent in Bangi. The aspects that can be considered are the amount of participants accommodated, pleasantry and conveniences provided, equipment provided, and seminar rooms. All these should be considered greatly in inducing the rental service of Vira Klid.

The Author is Mohd Akmal Nabil
Interns from UiTM

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